Autobailer O-Ring (Pack of 2)

Autobailer O-Ring (Pack of 2)

Plate without Cleats - Part # 91301

Laser Plate w/o Cleats

ZhikGrip II Laser Hiking Strap


ZhikGrip II Hiking Strap for Laser

The ZhikGrip II Laser Hiking Straps allow you to hike hard for longer, while keeping your foot relaxed. Highly durable Nylon and Rubber construction with an interlocking stud pattern that allows for extreme grip at any angle or position. Straps sold individually.


  • Position - Skipper
  • Length - 790mm
  • Width - 80mm
  • End1 - Loop
  • End2 - Straight
  • ZhikGrip II Pattern

Zhik Part # STRAP201

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