Opti Protest Flag - Part # EX1373

Protest Flag

Trigger Safety Shackle - Part # EX1372

Opti Trigger Safety Shackle

WinDesign Regatta Race Timer


Regatta Race Timer

The WinDesign Regatta Race Timer is water resistant and has huge 30 mm digits and a
synchronize function in case you missed a signal. Beeps every 10 seconds during the last minute and every second during the last 10 seconds. Sound is on/off switchable.
  • Water Resistant (IP67)
  • Quick set/reset
  • Rigid casing with 3m velcro fixing
  • Replaceable AAA battery
  • Auto shut-off
  • Dimension : 90 x 76 x 23 mm
 Fix the timer anywhere you want with the bracket. Screw the bracket to a
flat surface or fix it on a mast or boom with the provided velcro strap.
The bracket can also be fixed to an airbag strap of an Optimist dinghy.
Part # EX3010
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