Pedal Pad Kit - Part # 72020034

Pedal Pad Kit

Twist-N-Seal Hatch_6

Hobie Twist-N-Seal Hatch - 6" Retro

ST Turbo Fin Only

As low as $46.99
ST Turbo Fin Only

ST Turbo Fin Only

ST Turbo Fin Only

ST Turbo Fin with Pin and ring. You need two of these for each MirageDrive. Designed for increased speed. These fins have a greater surface area than the default Mirage fins, creating extra thrust and speed as well as slower cadence for cruising. The fin tension screw allows adjustment to achieve low end torque or top end speed to meet the desires of the peddler.

Fin mast not included.

Part # 81192021 - Red/Black

Part # 81192031 - Blue/Black

Part # 81192001 - Grey/Black

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