Cart Post Collar/Clamp Kit - Part # 80044201

Cart Post Collar/Clamp Kit

Tandem Island Cradle Set - Part # 72020402

Tandem Island Cradle Set

Trax “2-30” Plug-In Cart


Trax “2-30” Plug-In Cart

Trax “2-30” Plug-In Cart

The Trax "2-30" cart has 30 cm tires, bringing the capacity up to 242 lbs. Even with a lighter load, the Trax 2-30 will be the best plug-in cart for sand. Welded Stainless steel frame. Wheels are easily removable for storage. This is an all-around cart for soft sand and uneven terrain. The tires are wide and can be deflated for better performance over softer sand and soil.

 Part # 80043001

Cart and Dolly warnings: Do not over-load. Not for towing or for speeds faster than average walking pace. Not for long hauls or stairs. Check cart fit carefully to be sure tires do not rub hull, on scupper versions that the posts fit clear through the cockpit. Not for prolonged use / storage. Incorrect use can damage or distort hulls.

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