Paddle Seatback - Part # 72402001

Paddle Seatback

Turbo Fin Kit, V1 - Part # 72065

V1 ST Turbo Fin Kit

Adventure Island Trampoline Set (- 2014)


Adv Island Trampoline Set (- 2014)

Adventure Island Trampoline Set (- 2014)

Aka Trampolines do many things... Added space for carrying gear, allows you to move weight outboard for better performance in windy conditions, comfortable sitting or laying down position, carry additional crew / kids / pets (does not increase basic weight capacity), reduce spray in cockpit. The trampolines are made from mesh vinyl as used on Hobies catamaran products. Available Black. Easy installation. Fast (side-release) buckles across aft aka make folding akas quick. Adjustable webbing straps for a tight fit. Rolls down and straps to forward aka for storage or easily slips off the aka. Paddle storage, gear pockets and lanyard grommets included. (200 Lb Capacity)

Part # 79527001

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