SF Mast Up Deck Cover - Part # 06.02

Sunfish Mast Up Deck Cover - Colie Deluxe

Sunfish Rig Bag - Part # 06.07

Sunfish Rig Bag - Colie

Sunfish Spars Under Top Cover - Colie Deluxe


Colie Spars Under Top Cover - Sunfish

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The Spars Under Top Cover allows you to store your sail and rig under a durable and breathable cover that fits great. Part # 06.01


  • Designed for both highway travel and deck up parking lot storage.
  •  Four 1 inch heavy duty straps go under the hull and hold the cover taut with quick release adjustable buckles. 
  • 11 inch hem skirt in Royal Blue encloses a preset 1/4 inch bungee, making it a breeze to put on and take off each day.
  • Cover is extended beyond the transom of the boat to accommodate the overhang of the sail and spars, for complete rain and sun protection.
  • Webbing loop at the transom extension allows the cover to be pulled taut to the lower gudgeon for flap free highway travel without the spars under the cover.
  • Cover has been reinforced at all the possible areas of chafe (gudgeons, bow handle, mainsheet swivel, etc.).
  • Available in light gray with Royal Blue trim only.
  • Includes your name or sail number, neatly stenciled on it for personalization. 
  • Covers are made from Top Gun® Fabric, the highest quality marine fabric made in America. It is a rugged abrasion-resistant material with stay-true, long lasting colors.
  • Top Gun® is guaranteed for a five year period against excessive loss of color or strength under normal exposure conditions. It's also UV and mildew resistant, plus water repellent and breathable. All Sunfish covers are constructed from "Seagull Gray" Top Gun and are trimmed in Blue. 
  • Sewn with Tenara® thread by Gore which has a lifetime guarantee for sun-rot.

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