RS Tera

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RS Tera

The RS Tera stands ready to carry junior sailors from their first hesitant tacks all the way through polished, heavy-air roll-gybing duels with their high-school and college friends, thanks to a clever rig that allows the same mast to fly three different sails. Sporty and expandable starter dinghy

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For smaller sailors, the Tera Sport’s 38-square-foot Dacron mainsail provides more than enough horsepower to hop the boat onto a plane in the right breeze, while the Tera Pro’s 50-square-foot Mylar mainsail provides the extra power and lift needed to keep bigger teens and younger (or smaller) adults entertained.

Both versions of the affordable Tera are quick to rig, require almost no maintenance, and feature nearly indestructible three-layer, rotomolded hulls that place extra material in high-load sections while shaving unnecessary weight from areas of lower stress. For additional safety, the sturdy hull’s foam core ensures inherent buoyancy while also helping to reduce weight and bolster overall performance.

RS Tera Pro RS Tera Sport
  • Lightweight and fully battened Mylar mainsail is ideal for all wind ranges.
  • 38-square-foot Dacron mainsail is perfect for junior sailors.
  • Auto-ratchet mainsheet block eases sail handling.
  • Vertical battens allow for easy, around-the-spar reefing.
  • Great for both bigger juniors and smaller adults.
  • Optional 28-square-foot “mini-mainsail” is available for smaller juniors or adult storm chasers.
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ship location option Due to its size and weight, this item carries a delivery surcharge. Please call 203-259.7808 for more information.
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9'5" | 2.8 m

4' | 1.2 m

176 lbs | 80 kg

86 lbs | 39 kg

Draft (Board Down)
2'6" | 0.75 m

Total Sail Area (Pro)
50 ft² | 38 m²

Total Sail Area (Sport)
38 ft² | 3.5 m²

Hull Construction
Three-layer rotomolded polyethylene

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