RS 800


RS800 information

By combining the lightest, fastest materials afloat—including a featherweight hull, carbon-fiber rig, and high-performance laminate sails—with a modern planing undercarriage and a double-trapeze rig, the RS800 packs a lot of speed and excitement into a high-performance skiff. Satisfying your need for dinghy speed

RS800 information

The RS800 boasts a menu of go-fast features, including an open-transom cockpit that immediately clears water, hiking-wing bars, a composite spar with a flexible top section (ideal for heavy-air sailing), and an asymmetric spinnaker with a launching chute and a retrieval line that simplify high-paced maneuvers.

Unlike other classes where heftier crews have an advantage in a strong breeze, the RS800 utilizes a weight-equalization system in which lighter crews can add lead weights and extend their hiking-wing bars (read: improved leverage), in order to help ensure a level playing field. Additionally, the boat was designed to carry relatively low sheet loads, making the RS800 uniquely suited to mixed-gender and mixed-age crews.

  • Sealed carbon mast reduces the chances that a capsize will lead to turtling.
  • Self-tacking jib helps keep off-the-breeze maneuvers manageable.
  • Powerful asymmetric spinnaker keeps the fun-factor high.
  • Double-trapeze rig helps you and your crew tame the boat’s powerful rig.
  • Spinnaker chute simplifies spinnaker hoists and douses.
  • Laminated, Mylar/Kevlar sails with transparent panels increase visibility and situational awareness.
  • Padded foil cases and rig bag help keep your kit fast and looking sharp.
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ship location option Due to its size and weight, this item carries a delivery surcharge. Please call 203-259.7808 for more information.
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15'9" | 4.8 m

6'2" - 9'6" | 1.88 - 1.89 m

375 lbs | 170 kg

136 lbs | 62 kg

Draft (Board Down)
2'2" | 0.67 m

Total Sail Area
397 ft² | 37.5 m²

Hull Construction
Epoxy GRP foam sandwich

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