RS 500

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RS 500

The RS500 delivers fantastic value and go-fast grins in a snappy, easily driven skiff. The double-hander is quick and balanced upwind, and its gennaker provides extra horsepower when sailing deeper angles; an optional second set of trapeze wires can be added if a crew is struggling to keep the boat flat. Double-handed speedster

RS500 information

The RS500 is a fantastic planing platform that the whole family can enjoy thanks to its sturdy hull construction and its (optional) dual sailplans: bend-on the smaller, more manageable Dacron sails for training days or for heading out in a breeze with a featherweight crew, or break out the higher-performance Mylar sails for a spin around the racecourse or for days when your crew weight can handle the breeze.

With a maximum crew capacity of 315 pounds, the RS500 is ideal for parents and children, mixed crews, couples, or serious-minded sailing partners in pursuit of National or World Championship titles.

RS500 XL RS500 S
  • Powerful 100-square-foot Mylar mainsail is great in light winds and tough enough to tackle the big breezes.
  • Manageable, 80-square-foot Mylar mainsail is well-suited to smaller-sized crews.
  • 37-square-foot jib adds upwind grins.
  • Easily trimmed 31-square-foot jib makes short work of uphill sailing.
  • Extra sail area is ideal for bigger sailors or for sailing in lighter air.
  • Smaller sailplan is ideal for juniors or for heavy-air adventures.
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ship location option Due to its size and weight, this item carries a delivery surcharge. Please call 203-259.7808 for more information.
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14'3" | 4.34 m

5'2" | 1.58 m

315 lbs | 143 kg

187.4 lbs | 85 kg

Draft (Board Down)
3'8" | 1.13 m

Total Sail Area (XL)
282 ft² | 27.1 m²

Total Sail Area (S)
256 ft² | 24.5 m²

Hull Construction
Polyester GRP and foam composite

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