Rooster Junior Thermaflex 1.5mm Legs - Part # 106739

Rooster Junior Thermaflex 1.5mm Legs

Rooster ProHike Pads (Pair)

As low as $39.95
Rooster ProHike Pads (Pair)

Rooster ProHike Pads

Rooster ProHike™ Pads are suitable for use with Rooster Longjohns, RaceArmour™ Shorts (including LITE) and the Rooster Pro Hikers. Sold as a pair. 

Part # 105330

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Use the following guide to help you choose the correct Pad size.

As a guide, the pad should be as long as possible, however, take care to ensure that the chosen length will not impact the back of the knee joint or the Glutes.

Size T (mm) B (mm) L (mm)
JR 125 110 185
XXS 140 120 200
XS 160 140 220
S 165 140 245
M 165 145 265
L 175 155 270
Rooster Hiking Pad Guide