Hobie 18 Mast Base Hinge Casting - Part # 60650011

H18 Mast Base Hinge Casting

Opti Airbag_Red - Part # EX1219

Red Opti Airbag

PRO Wind Indicator


Windesign PRO Wind Indicator 

PRO Wind Indicator

The PRO Wind Indicator by Windesign has a strong vane arm which is accurately balanced and is amazingly sensitive. The positive locking system prevents losing the vane arm. Vane should be held in place on Opti racing masts with pennant holders (SKU 1435) or with wind indicator clip (SKU 1424) riveted in place on club level masts - both items are sold separately.

Pro Wind Indicator is also frequently used as mast head vane for Laser sailors.

Part # EX1243

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