Optiparts Opti Blade Bag - Part # EX1119

Optiparts Blade Bag

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Magic Marine Blade Bag

Opti Rig Travel Bag

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Rig Travel Bag

Optiparts Opti Rig Travel Bag

The Optimist heavy-duty rig travel bag has two compartments...One for the sail and boom, and one for the mast and sprit. Excellent for protecting your spars and sail from dirt and wear. Great for transporting them on airlines. 


  • Deluxe bag comes with zip closure
  • Detachable adjustable carrying strap
  • Nametag pocket
  • Two straps for bundling, making it easier to carry 
  • The 600 denier material is waterproof, strong and long lasting
  • Sail boom compartment will accept a piece of lightweight 4-inch diameter PVC tube
Part # EX1063

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