Olimpic Radial Medium Race Sail - Part # 01.OLRM

Olimpic Radial Medium Race Sail

Olimpic Race-L Racing Sail - Part # 01.OLRace-L

Olimpic Race-L Racing Sail

Opti J Sails

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Opti J Sails

J Sails Race Sails

Classic Red: for sailors weighing over 95 pounds

Classic Blue: for sailors weighing under 95 pounds

Classic Green: for sailors weighing under 80 pounds

  • A member of our team will contact you for Sail Number Instructions

J Sails has specialized in Optimist sails from the beginning. The "Classic" was designed with coach and sail maker expertise and quickly proved to be a winner. The "Classic" is now offered in 3 different models.

Available in:

  • Classic Red is an ideal sail for sailors weighing 88lb's and above. However, for lighter or less experienced sailors, it may be difficult to manage the sail in strong winds.
  • Classic Blue is easier to manage in strong winds for lighter or less experienced sailors, but more skillful downwind than upwind.
  • Classic Green is meant to be used in very specific conditions: in very strong wind, by ultra light sailors, for everything has its price: the sail is considerably slower in light or medium wind conditions.

**Includes sail numbers

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