O'pen BIC


The O'pen BIC's go-fast hull design, high-quality fittings, lightning-fast foils, and a capable sailplan deliver the right amount of performance needed to keep youngsters interested and engaged, while still offering a parent-approved, virtually unsinkable hull and wide safety margins. The O'pen BIC delivers speed to please while mastering the basics!

O'pen BIC Sport information

When maximum on-the-water fun is the goal, it’s tough to beat the O’pen Bic, a wildly popular dinghy that combines a modern design with a durable thermo-formed ABS Plastic hull creating a quick, planing dinghy powered by an easy-to-trim, square-topped mainsail. The boat’s open self-bailing transom yields a beginner-friendly boat that can handle countless capsizes—accidental or otherwise—while generating face-splitting grins on windy days.

Featuring a lightweight fiberglass-epoxy mast and an aluminum boom; shaped, composite-epoxy foils; a fully battened Mylar sail (complete with transparent panels for great leeward visibility); quality Ronstan hardware and blocks, and Robline cordage, this powerful-but-forgiving dinghy is well equipped for any junior sailor.

  • Self-bailing, open-transom design ensures a water-free cockpit.
  • Transparent, mono-fill sailcloth aids situational awareness.
  • Lightweight mast, sail and boom system is easily stepped.
  • Modern hull shape is easily driven and transitions quickly to planing mode.
  • Kid-friendly design inspires confidence, both amongst juniors and parents.
  • Ideal boat for preparing juniors for adult One Design classes.
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ship location option Due to its size and weight, this item carries a delivery surcharge. Please call 203-259.7808 for more information.
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9' | 2.75 m

3'9" | 1.14 m

198 lbs | 90 kg

99 lbs | 45 kg

Mast Length
12'8" | 3.9 m

Total Sail Area
48.44 ft² | 4.5 m²

Hull Construction
Thermoformed Polyethylene

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