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McLaughlin Optimist

Irrespective of whether the goal is learning to roll tack or winning the Opti Worlds, McLaughlin Boat Works' Optimists are proven performers in this highly competitive class. The perfect platform for learning the ropes!

McLaughlin Optimist information

Generations of kids have learned to sail, race and—most importantly—love sailing aboard the venerable Optimist, a can-do pram that’s served as America’s training dinghy since designer Clark Mills first drew the boat in 1947. Optimists are currently being offered by several boatbuilders, including McLaughlin Boat Works, who builds three different versions: the Club Opti, the Advanced Opti and the PRO-RACER Opti.

All three of McLaughlin Boat Works’ Optis use identical hull forms—allowing juniors (and their parents) to make upgrades as their sailing skills progress—but each comes equipped with different levels of go-fast gear. For example, the Club Opti features Optiparts’ foils, while the Advanced Opti uses WinDesign Competition racing blades, and the PRO-RACER Opti comes with your choice of epoxy foils.

  • Hull, foils and spar alignments are all laser-checked to ensure performance.
  • WinDesign High-performance racing sails are fast and easily trimmed.
  • McLaughlin Boat Works’ hull is regatta-ready right out of the box.
  • Gunwale-to-gunwale nonskid surfacing ensures traction.
  • Optiparts BlackGold spars are light and strong.
  • Optiparts’ “Upgraded” club-level sail provides the lift your junior needs.
  • Three 48-liter heavy-duty EZ-fill airbags and straps (the largest allowed under class rules) ensure buoyancy.
  • Ball-bearing Harken blocks reduce sail-handling friction.
  • Floating mainsheet, bowline and bow loop increase safety during capsizes.
  • Choice of high-end sails, spars and epoxy foils.
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7'9" | 2.36 m

3'8" | 1.12 m

220 lbs | 100 kg

77 lbs | 35 kg

Draft (Board Up)
5" | 130 mm

Mast Length
7'5" | 2.26 m

Total Sail Area
35 ft² | 3.3 m²

Hull Construction