Opti Sail, Club - Part # EX1059

Opti Club Sail

RS Feva Spinnaker

RS Feva Spinnaker

Laser Mark II Bi-Radial Standard Sail


Mark II Bi-Radial Sail

The Standard Mark II Sail...More durable & improved sail shape!


  • BI-RADIAL CONSTRUCTION- The radial panel structure of the Mark II sail improves sail shape and increases durability.
  • LARGER WINDOW - A larger window increases visibility allowing sailors to keep their eye on the racecourse. 
  • TAPERED BATTENS - The Mark II sail uses tapered battens of varying stiffness that best match the sail shape.
  • LUFF TUBE MAST JOINT PATCH - Greatly reduces the annoying crease that develops from the mast joint to the clew. 
  • 4.5 OZ. DACRON SAILCLOTH - The 4.5 oz cloth improves durability without being too heavy for light air conditions.
  • OPTIMIZED PATCHING - The radial design of the Mark II patches help to distribute the load. The Tack patch is specifically designed to hold up to high downhaul loads.

Part # 94116

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