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The high-performance Hobie Wildcat is as equally at home on a racecourse as she is flying hulls on a breeze-on afternoon with friends, and her double-trapeze rig makes her ideally suited to athletic sailors interested in redefining sailing’s performance envelope. Taunting the harbor master has never been more fun

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Mastering the ability to sail faster than the wind is an utterly addictive sensation, and one that the Wildcat consistently delivers, along with face-splitting smiles and great times. The boat’s powerful sailplan, coupled with her dual-trapeze rig and efficient foils, allow you to experiment with constantly evolving apparent-wind angles, and her sleek fiberglass hulls are stiff and sturdy.

The Wildcat comes loaded with top-end hardware from Harken and Spinlock, a carbon-fiber tiller extension, and a rotating wingmast, while her high-performance sails ensure both power and visibility, thanks to the clear patches on the mainsail and jib. Whether the goal is winning pickle dishes or taunting harbormasters, the Wildcat is ready to play.

  • Dual-trapeze rig allows you to tame the boat’s powerful sailplan.
  • Carbon fiber-reinforced daggerboards and rudders ensure top-level performance.
  • Square-topped mainsail reduces drag while bolstering light-air performance.
  • Simple spinnaker hoisting and dousing system eases anxiety at leeward marks.
  • Wave-piercing bows take care of small chop.
  • Integrated rotating wingmast provides extra power and lift.
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ship location optionDue to its size and weight, this item carries a delivery surcharge. Please call 203-259.7808 for more information.
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18' | 5.46 m

8'6" | 2.59 m

529 lbs | 240 kg

397 lbs | 180 kg

Draft (Board Down)
5'1" | 1.55 m

Mast Length
29'6" | 9 m

Total Sail Area
454 ft² | 42 m²

Hull Construction
Fiberglass/Foam Sandwich

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