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Heritage 15 Dynamic Dolly

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Melonseed (Crawford) Dynamic Dolly

Hobie T2 Dolly

Hobie T2 Dynamic Dolly

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Hobie T2 Dynamic Dolly

Dynamic Dolly's Type 15-2 Single Tongue Dolly. Part # 11507

Comes in an easy assembly kit.

DD Kit


  • Hobie T2’s hulls rest on two cross tubes covered with vinyl rubrails outside the wheels.
  • Eyelet on sling handle fitting helps prevent slippage on ramps.
  • Dolly breakdown using the snap buttons on tongue tube.
  • Pneumatic, non-corrosive, 16” x 4” wheels can be secured on wheel shaft with provided screws for added security. For soft sand conditions, tire pressure can be reduced to increase tire footprint.
  • Proudly made in the USA.


  • Tough, UV-protected, injection-molded ,through-bolted, plastic joint components
  • 1 1/2″ square structural-grade, anodized aluminum with boat-friendly round corners
  • Delrin ball bearings in wheel hub result in easy rolling on rough surfaces or deep sand
  • Strong, 3” non-stretch, polyester sling
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