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Featuring lift-generating fiberglass hulls, ample sail area, and a powerful, double-trapeze rig, the Hobie 16 revolutionized sailing when she was first launched, and her sparkling off-the-wind performance and raw speed make her a perpetual favorite, especially when the breeze is piping. The world’s most-popular multihull

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After sailing home-built wooden catamarans in Hawaii in the 1960s, surfing legend Hobie Alter began manufacturing his own fiberglass cats, and, in 1971, he introduced the Hobie 16, a multihull that exposed millions of people to high-performance, high-speed sailing thanks to its beach-friendly design. The boat quickly became an international success, and today the company has produced more than 100,000 of the quick cats, making it the world’s most popular catamaran.

Hobie 16s are actively raced on an international circuit, with yearly World Championships that attracts hundreds of sailors, but—just as importantly—they are also sailed and enjoyed off of virtually every dinghy park and beach where sailing takes place.

  • Dual-trapeze rig lets you tame the boat’s power in a breeze.
  • Mesh seating trampoline is raised to help reduce spray.
  • 6:1 mainsheet system provides ample purchase for heavy-air trimming.
  • Spar kit is comprised of a one-piece black anodized mast and matching boom.
  • Beaching-friendly kick-up rudders facilitate easy launching and hauling.
  • Asymmetrical hulls generate lift and remove the need for daggerboards.
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16'7" | 5.04 m

7'11" | 2.41 m

800 lbs | 362 kg

320 lbs | 145 kg

10" | .25 m

Mast Length
26'6" | 8.07 m

Total Sail Area
218 ft² | 20 m²

Hull Construction
Fiberglass/Foam Sandwich

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