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Opti Padded Hiking Strap

FarEast Mast Collar - Part # 392002

FarEast Mast Collar

Daggerboard Slot Inserts


Daggerboard Slot Inserts - Pair

Daggerboard Slot Inserts

Daggerboard slot inserts prevent chafe and damage to leading and trailing edges of daggerboard as well as reducing cavitation of daggerboard in the trunk. Tapered at one end to help the board pass by and fits daggerboard trunks of all Optis. Most daggerboard trunks require 4 inserts / 2 pair. Simply glue in place w/ Crazy Glue-type adhesive, we recommend and use 3M brand 4200 adhesive/sealant (not included). Sold as pair.

Part # EX1116

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