1.2mm Mini Vectran - Part # EX1367

1.2mm Vectran Mini Spool

Club Spars Rig Kit - Part # EX1056

Club Spars Rig Kit

Daggerboard Hold Down w/Handle


Daggerboard Hold Down/Hiking Strap Lift System

Daggerboard Hold Down with Handle

Opti Daggerboard hold down/hiking strap up lift system with HANDLE. Holds the centerboard up when you are off the wind and holds the centerboard down when sailing to windward. It also lifts the hiking straps for quick hiking when tacking. The legal HANDLE allows you to easily manuever the system. Complete with ¼” black shock, 3/8” vinyl black tube, 5/8" black tube and 3mm line.

Part # EX1113

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