Plug In Seat Connector Kit - Part # 81265101

Plug In Seat Connector Kit

Trax “2-30” Plug-In Cart  - Part # 80043001

Trax “2-30” Plug-In Cart

Cart Post Collar/Clamp Kit


Cart Post Collar/Clamp Kit

Cart Post Collar/Clamp Kit

Collar/Clamp for Hobie Kayak Plug-in Cart. Collar clamps help reduce the direct loading of the cart on your kayak's bottom / keel. Direct loads on hull bottoms can cause deformation of the kayak. Even loading at scuppers and hull bottom reduces hull-bottom deformation issues. Included with all new plug-in carts. Adjust the collar so the kayak touches the crossbar, but still rests on the collar.

Part # 80044201

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