Harken 5mm (3/16) Shallow Bow Shackle - Part # HAR2132

Harken 5mm Shallow Bow Shackle

Harken 8mm D Shackle - Part # HAR2115

Harken 8mm D Shackle

Harken 6mm Twist Shackle


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6mm Twist Shackle

Forged stainless steel shackles are polished to a high luster and are stamped with the screw pin diameter.

The 6 mm Twist shackles are forged with a 90-degree twist so the two attachment points can be perpendicular without torquing.

Part # HAR2112

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Shackle pin Ø (mm)6 mm__Shackle pin Ø (in)1/4 in__Weight (g)32 g__Weight (oz)1.12 oz__A (mm)29 mm__A (in)1 1/8 in__B (mm)12 mm__B (in) 1/2 in__Maximum working load (kg)750 kg__Maximum working load (lb)1650 lb__Breaking load (kg)1500 kg__Breaking load (lb)3300 lb